A conversation with John Kwon, owner of Sunshine Homes

So John, why should people do business with Sunshine Homes?

Well, to me each of my customers are cherished. I want my clients to say "John Kwon treats me like he does his family."
I want them to say, "Wow. He's really trying to hit a homerun for us. He's really striving to hit it out of the park- even if he may not hit a home run…he's really trying for us. He's on our team. He's on our side. John Kwon's our guy."
I'm not trying to be the biggest. I'm trying to be the best dealer for my clients that I can be. Being the biggest doesn't matter- I simply want my clients to know that they have the very best on their side.


So how do you make the process of choosing a manufactured home easier?

I think my first step is really trying to understand my customer, and that would be first and foremost by listening to them… We have to sit down and just have a talk. And as I listen I begin trying to align myself with their perspective as if I'm their buddy- you know like how you know your own friends- their likes and dislikes… that's what I try to figure out.
Once I have a feel for that then I kind of have a lens- I can better see through their eyes what they want, and I have a manufacturer that becomes the best solution for that client. Each manufacturer has its own strengths, advantages, features, etc., but each has its own weaknesses as well. And so those strengths best fitting to my client's desires becomes my main concern.


So how do you use your knowledge and expertise of the entire process to ensure that you start off right and finish with what the client wants?

It begins with talking to the clients and understanding what vision they have for their home, then applying what I know of manufacturers, cost, and process to lead them in the right direction. If someone is into kitchens, then I have to go to a manufacturer that has strong cabinetry work- quality in craftsmanship, plumbing, and strong attention to detail. Other times people are into the biggest value for their money. "Keep the cost down but the square footage up!" they say. Get them the biggest bang for their buck. So the key for me to understand from the customer is "what is their housing goal?"


What else do you supervise in the process once the right manufactured or modular home is chosen?

I set high standards for completion of all projects in timely fashion, and always use the best crew, staff, and support services that I know will uphold these same standards. I work with professionals who I know will do the same quality of craftsmanship whether I am at the job site or not. The customers really do get a hands on level of customer service from me. Even as we grow, our support staff is designed to allow me to place my time and focus on each project. And I do keep close track of the grade I give myself on every home. Since I am doing this for a family I want to make sure that I give myself an "A" every time. This usually means going the extra mile for my clients, but if they love their new custom home then I've done my job right. That's what getting a Sunshine Manufactured Home means.


After the home has been completed and your client moves in, what comes next?

I consider the warranty period to be as important as the sales process. Even the best built home can have some flaws, such as loose knobs, or hairline cracks in drywall due to the home settling. And I understand that this can be very annoying and frustrating to move into a brand new home only to find an unexpected flaw, however minor. We seek to avoid this initially by making a "punch list" and fixing all items before our client moves in, and we follow up to ensure that any other needs or required service items are met. Sunshine Homes then stands by ready to help throughout the warranty period should you need us.