Why should I consider a Sunshine Manufactured Home?

Manufactured housing allows you to get more out of your home purchasing dollar! This means you can afford to build to custom specifications, include all of the basic necessities, and have additional money to put into all of those upgrades you’ve ever wanted in your home. Compared to traditional site-built homes, construction costs per square foot for a new manufactured home can average up to a third less. You still need land to place the home on, but custom manufactured homes definitely provide a cost advantage over site-built homes. Sunshine Manufactured Homes offer the quality construction and modern amenities you seek at a price that fits both your lifestyle and budget!

How does the process of buying a Sunshine Manufactured Home work?

Very well when you put your trust in Sunshine Manufactured Homes! John Kwon will help you each step of the way- from locating a local park and space to rent, finding the right manufacturer to build your customize home, finding a financing lender you can rely upon, to moving into your brand new home! The process can be involved, but with Sunshine Manufactured Homes you have professional experts by your side every step of the way.

Where can I place a Sunshine Modular or Manufactured Home?

You can place your new modular or manufactured home on a park space in a mobile / manufactured home community of your choice. You can also place on privately owned property, and Sunshine Manufactured Homes can assist from design to open house. If you own a parcel of land and are building housing- Sunshine Homes can help you to get a lot more custom home for your dollar.

I have a piece of land. What do I need to put a Sunshine Manufactured Home on it?

Depending upon address (location) standard city or county permits will be required. If there is already an existing structure on the property, a replacement permit may be applied for. There may be additional necessary site construction to prep or connect utilities, lay road, build foundations or modify the site. Every site is different and every custom home is, well- custom. You can trust us to build and place your custom home to specifications, the right way, the first time.

How will my Sunshine Manufactured Home appreciate in value?

When properly installed and maintained, today’s manufactured homes will appreciate at approximately the same rate as surrounding site-built homes. As a matter of rule, purchasing a home is a great investment. Appreciation on any home or property is dependent upon many factors, including the location and economic stability of the community, the local real estate market, and upkeep of the home. A quality, energy efficient, custom manufactured or modular home is a sound investment for many reasons and so hold value similar to site-built homes in appreciation.

What costs can I expect as an owner of a Sunshine Manufactured Home?

Your mortgage payment may be your biggest expense, as it might be with any home. Additionally, you will have other regular and periodic expenses, such as property taxes, service fees for water and utilities, and perhaps park space rent. It is not ideal to move a manufactured home once it is placed, but doing so can involve transporter, licensing, utility hook-up, and site prepping costs.

How does construction of Modular or Manufactured Homes differ from Site-Built Homes?

Sunshine Manufactured Homes are constructed entirely in a controlled factory environment, and built to the Federal Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards (the HUD Code). Quality and consistency in construction are highly controlled. Site-built homes are built “on-site” using traditional building techniques that meet either a local or state building code. Construction quality varies by builder, affiliated contractors, and specifications of local and state code.

What is the difference between a Manufactured Home and a Mobile Home?

In 1976, the HUD Code established a stringent series of construction and safety standards ensuring that construction of modern manufactured homes are superior to what are considered pre-HUD built mobile homes. Thanks to the HUD code, manufactured homes are dramatically different in appearance and construction from the “mobile homes” of the past. Many of today’s manufactured homes never move once placed, essentially acting like site-built homes. Sunshine Manufactured Homes are available in a variety of designs, floor plans, and amenities- they are entirely custom upgradeable and can be built in any neighborhood to match any architectural specifications.

When should I choose a modular home over a HUD Code home?

There are often times when a modular code home makes more sense than a HUD code home. In some cases you need to comply with local building codes to site your home on the property of your choice. Building to modular code also gives you expanded flexibility in design. In other cases you may be able to build to either code but if there are higher end site built homes in the area the appraisal comparisons of a Modular will give you greater resale value and equity.

Our experience in systems-built modular code homes is unparalleled. We have our pre-designed Residential Modular Series and we build custom single story residential modular homes and multi-story residential modular. We build what you need at a greater value and a faster completion time. We pride ourselves on our “Green Building” with minimal waste, and utilization of renewable materials which results in high quality, energy efficient homes. It’s the best of all worlds. Custom Manufactured and modular homes are more energy efficient, tailored to your taste and lifestyle, built around your family’s needs, and affordable.

What building materials and processes do Sunshine Manufactured Homes use?

Sunshine Homes offers CavcoWest, Karsten, and GoldenWest Homes. Our featured manufacturers have local factories and reputations for building quality housing. All homes are built with the same building materials as site-built homes, but in a controlled factory environment where quality of construction is superior to standard outdoor construction. Additionally, Green Energy efficient building materials are used in many models, and can be upgraded to in all models with little or no extra cost.

How do I know that my Sunshine Manufactured Home is a built with quality?

The HUD Code regulates and monitors every Sunshine Manufactured Home’s design, construction, strength, durability, safety and integrity during transport, fire resistance, energy efficiency and product quality. Our manufacturers ensure compliance with all HUD Code specifications which additionally sets all standards for any heating, plumbing, air-conditioning, thermal and electrical systems in your Sunshine Manufactured Home. Step by step compliance with the HUD Code occurs at each stage of construction within the factory, ensuring that your Sunshine Manufactured Home is of the highest quality! The HUD Code also ensures compliance with these standards with a thorough inspection system that takes place at each step as the home is being constructed in the factory. One of the major benefits to having your home built in a factory is that every aspect of the construction process is quality controlled.

What other advantages are there to factory built homes and materials?

The HUD Code regulates and monitors the manufactured home’s design and construction. All aspects of the construction process are quality controlled. Factory home building is immune to weather delays in the construction process- work remains on schedule, materials are not exposed to natural elements or incidental damage, and construction quality remains consistent. Certified technicians, craftsmen and assemblers work together under supervision and inspectors. Inventory is controlled, materials are protected from theft, and project costs are maintained. All construction materials, and every aspect of the home from interior construction to appliances are purchased in bulk right at the factory. Energy efficient materials and appliances are customizable and combine to create long term added value in energy savings. It’s never been easier to go Green.

Is the HUD-Code More or less stringent than local or state building codes?

They are both comparable to each other, and possess “prescriptive” or “performance” qualities based upon requirements in building traditional or factory manufactured housing. In some cases, the local or state codes are more restrictive, while the HUD Code is the more restrictive in areas such as ventilation, flame spread, and structural loads. There are significant differences between the codes, but this difference is determined by how the codes are intended to operate-

State or local building codes primarily prescribe what type of lumber, plumbing, electrical wire, and other building materials must be used in the construction of a site-built home.

The HUD Code primarily focuses on performance and allow or prescribe the manufacturer use products and materials that are most compatible with the factory-building process that meet fire & safety guidelines established in the HUC Code.

Comparing the state or local building codes with the HUD Code will find them essentially balanced, with building costs determined by the overall customization of each type of housing creating the overall value in choosing manufactured or modular housing.

How are Sunshine Manufactured Homes rated for fire safety?

Fire resistance provisions of the HUD Code include strict standards for fire retardation and smoke generation in materials, require large windows in all bedrooms, require smoke alarms, and require two exterior doors minimum separate from each other and reachable without obstruction or pass through of other doors that can be locked. Sunshine Manufactured Homes are built to HUD Code and comparable in safety to site-built homes.

Can I repair, renovate, or upgrade my Sunshine Manufactured Home the same way I might a “traditional” site-built home?

Yes! Your homeowner’s manual outlines maintenance requirements. However, once your home has left the factory, the HUD Code does not include provisions for additions and alterations. Such modifications may jeopardize your home warranty. While you should perform minor repairs and upkeep on the home, be sure to hire a professional for more extensive repairs and renovations. Failure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions on maintenance and renovations can void the manufacturer’s warranty, so be sure to always comply with your warranty, and any state or local building codes when you begin to make additions. Of course, you can always contact your Sunshine Homes dealer.